London Campus

Welcome to Fanshawe's London Campus

London, Ontario is recognized in Canada and around the world as a centre for education and cutting-edge research. It’s also one of Ontario’s main business and cultural hubs, yet has a quality of life you can’t find in most large cities. 

With 15,000 full-time students enrolled at our main campus, Fanshawe College is a prominent London landmark. Located 15 minutes from downtown, the college consists of 11 modern buildings set on 100 acres. (View photos from spring 2013 and November 2013.) One in six Londoners has attended Fanshawe as a full or part-time student.

Fanshawe College’s main campus in London sets the standard for student experience. 
Alongside state-of-the-art learning facilities, we feature nearly a dozen cafeterias and restaurants, four student residences, modern sports facilities, a fitness centre, bookstore, computer store and a lot more.

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London campus locations:

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard
P.O. Box 7005
London, Ontario, Canada
N5Y 5R6
Phone: 519 452-4430

Fanshawe Aviation Centre (London International Airport)

1000 Air Ontario Drive PVT
London, Ontario, Canada
N5V 3S4

Centre for Applied Transportation Technologies

Z Building
1764 Oxford Street East (at Third Street)
London, Ontario, Canada
N5V 3R6
Tel: 519 452-4430
Fax: 519 452-4420

Centre for Digital and Performance Arts (Downtown London location)

137 Dundas Street
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 1E9
Tel: 519 452-4430

Downtown location

Citi Plaza Mall (Downtown London)
355 Wellington Street, Unit 114
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 3N7
Phone: (519) 667-2392