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DSW students document first voyage into research on YouTube

Students from Fanshawe’s Development Services Worker (DSW) program have created a YouTube video reflecting on their first experience with research. The six students – under the supervision of principal investigator Prof. Karen Klee – participated in a 15-week project entitled Evaluating an Abuse Prevention Education Curriculum. The project involved 74 participants with an intellectual disability and was a partnership between Community Living London, Community Living Elgin, Wilfrid Laurier University and Fanshawe. The work was presented at the recent Ontario Association for Developmental Disabilities (OADD) conference, where it was well received by the audience of DSW professionals, educators and students. Presenters were Prof. Klee and students Grace Merrifield, Holly Morris, John Paul Thomas, Fredy Rodriquez, Brittany May and Samantha Germaniuk. Ms. Merrifield produced, edited and scored the video. 


Significant rise in funding, partnerships for colleges in 2013/14, says CICan

Canada’s public colleges and institutes received 19% more in Government of Canada research funding in 2013/14, says College and Institutes Canada (CICan). Federal research funding programs contributed $85,124,512 to colleges and institutes last fiscal year, according to Accelerating Business and Community Innovation, CICan's seventh annual environment scan. This represents a 19% increase over 2012/13. Research grants from provincial and territorial governments also rose by 9% and 10% respectively. This brings the total 2013/14 funding from all levels of government to colleges to $207 million, a 12% increase over the previous year. In addition, colleges saw a 3% increase in the number of companies turning to them for R&D help, with a 9% rise in private sector contributions. In 2013/14, 5,633 companies engaged in research with colleges, contributing $78,275,674 to college-industry projects. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of those companies were small and medium-sized enterprises and most were in business and industry. Other statistics of interest:

  • 2,491 college and institute faculty and staff participated in applied research in 2013/14, a 8% increase
  • 32,093 students engaged in applied research, up 9% from the previous year
  • Canadian colleges reported 1,083 areas of specialization in energy, environmental, health, information/communications technologies, manufacturing, natural resources and social innovation research


Congratulations to the first graduates of Demystifying Research and Innovation!

first graduating class research workshop

Congratulations to the participants of Fanshawe’s inaugural Demystifying Research and Innovation in Your College Program workshop. The workshop was a collaborative effort by Organization Development & Learning (OD&L), the Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) and the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI). The workshop will be offered again in the Spring 2015, Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 terms. If you are interested, you can register onFanshaweLearns. Pictured from left to right (first row): Amy Mitchell; Donna Sevenpifer; Megan Anderson; Shannon Webb; and Adam Casey. Back row: Brian Hillier; Michael Jennings; James Mallory; William Pol; and Mary Harrison. Photo by John Sing.